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Gigi’s Gourmet Gyros and Gelato

Lunch and Dinner Gyro's and Gelato


Gigi's Gourmet Gyros and Gelato


10116 Main St
Summerland British Columbia V0H 1Z2


(250) 494-0056

Welcome to Gigi's Gourmet Gyros and Gelato - the perfect place to visit in Downtown Summerland! Far from your regular grab-and-go eatery, Gigi's Gourmet Gyros and Gelato is a local favorite restaurant/cafe on Main St. that offers an array of Mediterranean inspired dishes from gyro to fries poutine - all made fresh in house. The artisan gelato will make your visit truly unforgettable! This incredible selection of gelato & sorbetto, including many vegan, dairy-free & gluten-free choices, are created daily using recipes and secret techniques honed through generations of Italian family love. Gigi's Gourmet Gyros & Gelato is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious afternoon treat or a delicious meal with friends. Stop by our shop today in Downtown Summerland; you won't regret it!


About Summerland

Summerland (2016 population 11,615) is a town on the west side of Okanagan Lake in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. The district is between Peachland to the north and Penticton to the south. The largest centre in the region is Kelowna, approximately 50 km (31 mi) to the north (via Highway 97), and Vancouver is approximately 425 km (264 mi) away to the west. The district is famous for "Bottleneck drive", a system of roads connecting various wineries. == Electoral representatives == The current Mayor is Doug Holmes.



Client Reviews

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Chris McKim


Absolutely delicious gelato and an incredibly cheap price for such a high end product! The staff were super friendly, and we had a wonderful experience. We’ll be back every time we come through!!

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Visited here back in the summer and absolutely loved it! Great customer service, excellent food, and by far the best deal I’ve ever had on gelato. Would definitely recommend!

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Cassandra Strobel


When we first moved to the area, we checked this place out. It was super clean, staff were very friendly, and the gelato was delicious!

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soup “soup” soup


Food is very good and the churros are very well made, though the gelatos, specifically the ones that are made of nuts (peanut, walnut, etc...) taste like they're made out of 1 year old nuts that have been left out in the air to go stale, other than that, food is amazing. Service can be slow at times due to only having 2 workers making food/taking orders at once, but the staff are extremely friendly and very nice to be around. When it comes to atmosphere, there isn't really anything special about it, it's not bad at all though, just not WoW tHiS iS sO cOoL I come here pretty often and I like it here, thank you for the good stuff 👍

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Jamie Ford (Mathematica)

Chicken Gyro

We had the Chicken Gyro Gigi size and split it between the 2 of us. It was so good I could have finished it on my own. We ordered the Gigi size Poutine to split as well and there was enough for 3 or 4 people. We then both had the Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato, freshly made that morning, and it was wonderful. Will definitely be back

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Maylee Namffoh


I came in here with my kdis today fir the first time! Great Gelato!!! You get a lot of bang for your buck! Very impressed with all the vegan options here! My daughter requested sometime if you could make vegan Maple sorbet. Great space, so clean and open & friendly and knowledgable staff. Love the atmosphere. Thank you! ✌️

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